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Tender Hearts


Toddlers are busy, active, and curious, and our Tender Hearts Tots are no exception! These eager learners from about 20 to 36 months are always on the move from one activity to the next. Our caregivers love to match their pace with lots of play experiences and activities throughout the day!

As toddlers begin exploring their independence, we are right there to provide positive support and guidance as they begin navigating strong healthy boundaries, emotions, and peer relationships. With a strong emphasis on daily routines, children in our Tots classroom have many opportunities throughout the day to practice self-help skills.

Here at Tender Hearts, we embrace the mess and love to offer lots of hands-on play experience for our toddlers to learn, grow, and discover. Activities focus on cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and language development, with special attention given to each child's unique needs.

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