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Tender Hearts


Our Tender Hearts Kids classroom is perfect for preschoolers ages 3 to 5! While these "big kids" love to interact with our Babies and Tots during mixed-age play, they get most excited when they are in their own space designed just for them!

While many programs for preschoolers are focused on kindergarten readiness, we are all about holistic development! We look at all the ways your child is growing and developing without hyper-focusing on one area at the expense of the others. When we focus on the whole child, all aspects of development are held in high regard and recognized as a valuable part of kindergarten readiness. To support this goal, we provide play experiences and activities that promote relevant, meaningful, and authentic experiences which lead to long-term school success over rote learning, memorization, worksheets, flashcards, and drills.

Preschoolers at Tender Hearts have many opportunities throughout the day to learn through self-directed and staff-led play in the areas of math, science, literacy, creative expression, music, physical activity, and dramatic play. These experiences help build critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and leadership skills that will last well beyond kindergarten!

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