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Tender Hearts


Our Tender Hearts Babies classroom is designed for the littlest ones we serve, from about six weeks to 20 months. We love sharing in all their milestones, from sitting up to learning new words to taking those first few wobbly steps. The smiles and snuggles are an added bonus!

We personalize care for each of the babies at Tender Hearts, following the lead of parents in regards to feeding, sleeping, routines, and giving special attention to each child's unique needs. With an emphasis on primary caregiving, our staff members take time to build deep, trusting relationships with each of our babies, enabling them to feel safe and secure while in our care.

We keep our babies happy and engaged throughout the day, with play experiences and activities designed to meet their developmental needs at each stage. From tummy time to music to first experiences with simple art materials, our babies are free to grow and explore through interactions with others and our environment. Our babies classroom is free of restrictive equipment such as swings, bouncers, and exersaucers, which allows freedom of movement and lots of floor time with our caregivers!

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