1. Go to to access required forms.


  1. Complete Personal Authorization for Criminal History Record Information Inquiry Form (SFN 829). Follow the instructions below for completing this form – begin at the top working your way through the form.


  • This form must be typed. Handwritten and/or incomplete forms will not be accepted.


  • Enter “Today’s Date” by selecting the date from the calendar drop down box – arrow will appear on right of the box.


  • The Requesting Agency will be the ND Department of Human Services.

    • The contact person, and their contact information, will be the childcare licensor (for staff, your employer will provide you with this information)


  • Select Child Care.


  • Enter your employer/provider information. (for staff, your employer will provide you with this information)


  • Enter your information in the Applicant Information section.

    • YOUR personal email address is required

    • Do not leave any sections blank.


  • Answer questions 1-3.

    • If you answer “yes” to questions 2 or 3, you MUST provide information in the box below the questions.


  • Address history – you must provide a full 5-year address history.

    • Begin with your current street address and work backwards.

    • Click the Add Another Address button as needed to enter additional addresses.

    • If you lived in another state in the past 5 years, you may need to complete additional authorization forms for out-of-state record requests.

      • Click on the folder for each state you have lived in during the past 5 years.

      • Read the form instructions above the form (PDF) before clicking on the form.

      • Print the completed form BEFORE signing and dating the form. Some forms require notary or witness signatures.


  1. Complete Criminal History Record Check Request Form (SFN 60688).


  • This form must be typed. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.

  • Do not change any information that has been pre-entered into the form.


  1. Print a BLANK Fingerprint Identity Verification Form (SFN 836).


  1. Schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted. You must print and bring ALL forms and a valid government issued photo ID to your appointment. (School ID cards, birth certificates or social security cards are NOT acceptable.)


  • You may also be fingerprinted at a law enforcement agency, or any other agency that is authorized to do fingerprinting.

You must mail your forms and sealed fingerprints to: NDDHS, Children & Family Services

Attn: CBCU

600 E Boulevard Ave, Dept 325

Bismarck ND 58505-0250

Childcare Licensing Fingerprint Guidelines


The SFN 829 and the SFN 60866 form MUST BE TYPED – no handwritten forms will be accepted.

If you have lived in another State other than North Dakota in the last 5 Years please complete the additional State forms.


The forms can be found at:

On the SFN 829:

The Requesting Agency:  ND DHS

Contact Person: Coreen Ruona –email

Phone Number: 701-239-6704

Address: 1010 2nd Ave S.

     P.O. Box 3106

     Fargo, ND 58108


Who needs to be fingerprinted?

  • Providers

  • Staff who do not live in the home who are 14 and older

  • Household members over 18 years of age

  • Emergency designee (if you chose to have one)     


Where to go to be fingerprinted?

Southeast Human Service Center

  • Appointments only

  • No Cost

  • MUST BRING a valid photo ID. Ex: State ID Card, Driver’s License, etc.

Phone: 701-298-4416  

Address: 2624-9th Ave S Fargo